Employee Shareholders

Recent economic turbulence has caused there to be close scrutiny of the structure of the economy and business organisation generally.  As noted by Norman Lamb MP, who at the time was Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs,‘lessons from the financial crisis have exposed our economy as too narrowly focused on certain sectors and regions, with the majority of our companies structured around one type of business model.  We need to fundamentally change our economy to ensure long term growth is strong and more evenly balanced…  One of the centrepieces to creating this sustainable growth is to encourage more responsible and more diverse ways of running a business today…Read more

The Golden Rule

In Key v. Key [2010] WTLR 1699 a solicitor was criticised for failing to observe the so-called ‘Golden Rule’ in relation to testamentary capacity, while in Wharton v. Bankroft & ors [2011] EWHC 3250 (Ch) similar criticism was considered misplaced. Read more