Direct Access

Historically only solicitors could instruct a barrister.  It is now possible for anyone to instruct a barrister without using an intermediary (such as a solicitor).  This is known as “Direct Access”.

The role of the barrister essentially remains the same. They can, for example,

  • Advise you about your legal position and the options available to you
  • Draft documents for you
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Represent you at a mediation
  • Appear for you at court or a tribunal.

There are limits on what barristers can do for you under the direct access scheme.  This means that it is not suitable for every problem.  Where that is the case, we are happy to suggest alternative potential sources of help.

Barristers have to be specially trained to conduct direct access work.   Barristers at Magdalen Chambers who are able to do so are listed below.  Click on a photograph to see their CV, or contact one of our clerks to discuss your individual requirements confidentially and without obligation.

You can access our website dedicated to Direct Access to learn more:

Licensed Access

This is a different scheme – you can read more about Licensed Access here.

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Anne Margaret Bell OBE

Call 1975 – Gray’s Inn

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Nicholas Berry

Call 1988

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Jeremy Haughty

Call 1989

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Geoff Killen

Called 1990

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David Campbell

Call 1992 – Inner Temple

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Angus Gloag

Call 1992

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Carmel Bryan

Call 1993 – Middle Temple

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Gavin Charles Collett

Call 1993 – Inner Temple

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James Rees

Call 1994

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Daya Mann

Call 1995 – Lincoln’s Inn

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Steven Ball

Call 1995 – Inner Temple

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Paul Bitmead

Call 1996

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Rupert Chapman

Joint Head of Chambers – Call 2000

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William Hillier

Call 2001 – Inner Temple

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Simon C. Lane

Call 2002 – Inner Temple

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Rachel Bennett

Call 2002 (Former Solicitor 2008) (Pupillage 2018)

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Sarah Evans

Call 2004 – Inner Temple

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Christian Gape

Call 2005

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David Lidbury

Call 2006 – Inner Temple

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Dan Dyson

Call 2007 – Grays Inn – (Former Solicitor 2003)

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Tom Urwin

Call 2007

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Jane Herbert

Call 2008

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Charles Cooper

Call 2012 (Former Sol 2008)

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