Our Family Team has expertise in all areas of Family Law

  • Public Law matters are dealt with on behalf of parents, Local Authorities and Guardians. Members are on a number of approved Local Authority Panels, including conducting Court of Protection work. Particular expertise is available in “shaken baby” cases.
  • Private Law instructions include representation for parents with significant personality and learning difficulties, with an emphasis on developing a professional but empathetic relationship with each client.
  • Financial Remedy work is undertaken by individual members. This has included a number of technically complex farming and business centred cases.
  • The mediation Suite in Chambers enables multi-party conferences and advocates meetings to be held.
  • Public Access work is also undertaken

Family Seminars

  • March 2017 – Launch of Financial Resolution Consultancy
  • May 2017 – Financial Remedies Seminar
  • July 2017 – DASLS Annual Children Day
  • Autumn 2017 – Introduction to Finance
  • October 2017 – Somerset LFJB Annual event
  • June 2018 – International Family Law Conference
  • September 2018 – Cornwall Law Society – Family Law
  • October 2018 – LFJB Somerset Annual Seminar
  • October 2018 – DASLS Annual Family Law Day
  • November 2018 – LFJB Devon First Seminar
  • February 2018 – Advocacy with YRes
  • May 2018 – International Family Day
  • October 2018 – Somerset LFJB Annual Event
  • November 2018 – Devon LFJB Seminar
  • February 2019 – Advocacy with Devon Yres
  • March 2019 – Complex Private Children Seminar
  • June 2019 – Speakers for Devon Resolution Annual Conference
  • September 2019 – Somerset LFJB Annual Seminar
  • November 2019 – DASLS Family Law Conference
  • November 2019 – Annual Financial Remedies Seminar
  • November 2019 – Cornwall Law Society – Family Law


  • Financial Remedies update: Short Marriage cases – a departure from the principle of equal sharing

Individual barristers have particular interests across the family spectrum: please see individual profiles or contact the Clerks to Chambers.

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