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The ASBI is dead. Long live the IPNA

Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. The title of the 2012 White Paper “Putting Victims First: More effective responses to anti-social behaviour” gave an early indication of the message the government was aiming to put out. It spoke of the failure of the current system to deal adequately with the problems of graffiti on […]

Family and Finance: Committed to committal!

Having all been frustrated with the delays, expenses and general injustice caused by parties who fail to properly engage with proceedings, and exasperated by the apparent latitude afforded to parties who fail to comply with disclosure requirements, many will have reacted positively to the strongly worded criticism of the Local Authority by Sir James Munby […]

Liverpool CC v John O’Boy

Liverpool CC v John O’Boy, MIDAS Property Management Ltd and Peter Anthony Doherty, 17 December 2013 The first defendant (Mr O’ Boy) was the private owner and landlord of a property comprising 5 flats. He had instructed the second defendant (MIDAS) to act as property agent on his behalf. Following complaints from the tenants, the […]