Paul Bitmead

Paul Bitmead

Call 1996 - Middle Temple

Paul is regarded as a skilled advocate and negotiator. He has a background in both criminal and family law. His commitment to social justice has motivated his decision to specialize in family law. His pragmatic and realistic approach combines forensic rigour with sound judgement. He is highly recommended for his skill in challenging and difficult cases, His management, and empathy with vulnerable lay clients and children is exemplary. His focused and succinct style in and out of court inspires confidence.


  • BA (Hons).Philosophy

Professional Memberships

  • FLBA


Hobbies/Interests: Paul is the current UK Professional Surfers Association (Volunteer) Surf Instructor of the Year. He specializes in teaching children / adults with disabilities, and is a Volunteer and fund raiser for Epilepsy Action and the Wave Project in Cornwall.