Fixed Fee Financial Remedies Scheme

Magdalen Chambers is introducing an innovative scheme to assist with the provision of financial remedy services, and cost certainty. This is specifically designed for clients with modest incomes requiring legal assistance following the breakdown of marriage or relationship.

The Family Financial Remedies team at Magdalen is fully aware that clients, particularly those with limited means, will wish to know at the earliest point, what the cost of their financial proceedings is likely to be. Our aim is to provide a service that allows clients to engage legal assistance for a fixed price through the availability of an economical scheme, and the costs certainty resulting from it.  This naturally includes the cost of instructing counsel, and it can often be difficult for solicitors at an early stage, such as at an initial meeting, to predict this.

As part of our ongoing commitment to access to justice, and to provide an enhanced service, we have devised our Limited Resource scheme, which is designed to address this problem.

The process is a simple one, comprising an application form with three questions, which determine any potential candidate’s inclusion. A table of the sensibly fixed rates for the scheme itself is also provided. If you have a client who fits the criteria simply enclose the application form with the brief. Once confirmed that your client has been accepted under the scheme they have cost certainty from the beginning.

The constant changes to litigation funding has provided challenges for all family practitioners and Magdalen Chambers will continue to seek responsive and cost-effective solutions to these challenges. Transparent costs schedules for those now having to seek access to legal assistance, on a budget, is simply one of them.

If you have any queries regarding this scheme, please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Clerk – James Basden, or our Family Clerk – Grainne McGovern, or if you wish to download an application form, please use the link below.

This scheme applies to all final hearings with a one day time estimate or less. If a case is adjourned part heard for additional day(s) or written submissions, then a refresher applies for each subsequent day. Fees for cases listed over a one day time estimate are excluded and are to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Initial (including 2 hours Preparation) Evaluation Conference or Advice£500
Directions, FDA, Injunction hearings, Listed for 1 hour or less (inc. 2 hours prep) £700
FDR Half day (inc. 3 hours prep)£1000
Final Hearing Brief fee 1 day (inc. 4 hours prep)£2250
Hourly rate for Conferences, Additional prep, Advice£150

Directions, FDA, FDR and injunctions that last over ½ day will incur the daily refresher fee instead of the £750 fixed fee.

Clients that qualify for this scheme have the option of an initial evaluation advice or 1 hour conference with Counsel for £500.  This can be a useful and cost-effective tool in reaching an early settlement.

These fees do not apply in cases where counsel’s brief/court bundle exceeds 1 lever arch file in FDA/FDR hearings and 2 lever arch files in final hearings and are to be negotiated as normal. If on the receipt of papers or thereafter it transpires that the criteria are not met, fees will be negotiated.

Fees for High Court cases – an uplift of 33% of County Court rates shall apply.

Fees for Court of Appeal/Supreme Court cases – to be negotiated.

All fees incorporate travel time and expenses within 40 miles of chambers.

Brief fees do not include the cost of preparatory documents except counsel’s schedule of assets and/or skeleton arguments. Fees quoted do not include VAT.

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