Magdalen Chambers Cohabitation Claims Master Class

Magdalen Chambers is offering a series of master class Seminars on claims involving unmarried cohabitees.

This course is a 3 step programme that will take you through the pitfalls and problems of Trust of Land claims and give you the knowledge and skills to deal confidently with this area of law.

Our experienced practitioners will help you to prepare, pursue and maximise your client’s claim, and defend their interests.

The course covers;

(1) The Legal Framework for the Claim, including;

The statutory framework;

Establishing a beneficial interest: Express, constructive and resulting trusts;

Proprietary estoppel;

Quantifying the beneficial interest;

Equitable accounting and occupation rent;

The significant case law.

(2) Pursuing the Claim;

The burden of proof;

The Civil Procedure Rules – Part 7 & Part 8 claims, costs and the pre-action protocol;

Proceedings in public;

Where to issue;

Gathering the evidence – what to look for and where to find it.

(3) Maximizing the Claim – the interaction with other claims and remedies; 

Engaged couples;

Schedule 1 of the Children Act;

The Family Procedure Rules;

Bankruptcy and Secured Creditors;


Undue Influence.



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